When it comes to making calls, video calls, photo sharing and a whole lot of other fun things; Skype has definitely proven to be better than a phone. For starters; Skype is not just about making free Skype to Skype calls or cheap national or international calls. Skype has much more to offer and comes packed with various value added services and flexible features and functions. Instead of sending cheap SMS to and from mobile phones
Skype has made it possible for users to send cheap SMS directly from Skype to a cell phone. It also enables the Skype call to be forwarded to your mobile phone as well as gives the user the control and flexibility to set up a personal online phone number for family, colleagues or friends so that they can make calls from their land line numbers to your Skype; irrespective of the location. In order to access these services and features; all the Skype user needs is a little Skype credit in his Skype account. Skype users can also make Conference calls with up to 9 people; “totally free of cost”. Other “free” features include instant messaging and chats, call forwarding to people on Skype; and Video calls.

                                                         HOW TO DOWNLOAD ??
                            1.Click On The Download Now Button.
                            2.Wait 5 Seconds and then Click  on "skip add" banner at upper right corner.


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