Kaspersky Pure 2 Full Key Activation (registered softwares)

Kaspersky Pure 2 Full Key Activation by registered softwares Kaspersky PURE delivers the ultimate PC protection for your home, combining everything you need to ensure the security of your PCs, identity, passwords, photos and more. Plus, it's simple to use, allowing you to easily manage the security of every PC in your home from a single PC. Kaspersky PURE includes the following functional modules: - My Computer Protection, which protects your computer against known and unknown threats; - Backup copy, which quickly restores your data if data loss occurs; - Data encryption, which protects your confidential information from unauthorized access; - Parental Control, which protects children and teenagers from threats related to computer and Internet usage; -...

Key features of Kaspersky PURE 2:

· Computer Protection
· Computer Protection protects your computer against known and new threats. Each type of threat is processed by a separate application component. This structure of the protection system allows a flexible configuration of the application, depending on the needs of any specific, or of an enterprise as a whole.
Computer Protection includes the following protection tools:
Protection components, providing protection of:
· files and personal data;
· system;
· network activity.
· Virus scan tasks used to scan individual files, folders, drives, areas or the entire computer for viruses.
· Update, ensuring the up-to-date status of internal application modules, and databases used to scan for malicious programs.

· Protection components
The following protection components provide defense for your computer in real time:

File Anti-Virus:
· File Anti-Virus monitors the file system of the computer. It scans all files that can be opened, executed or saved on your computer, and all connected disk drives. Computer Protection intercepts each attempt to access a file and scans such file for known viruses. The file can only be processed further if the file is not infected or is successfully treated by the application. If a file cannot be disinfected for any reason, it will be deleted, with a copy of it saved in the backup, or moved to the quarantine.

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