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Briefing: Free download CorelDraw X5 full version.CorelDraw users know that it's the software equivalent of the Star Trek movies: if you try out every version you'll often be disappointed. But, if you follow a simple pattern to your upgrades, you'll get all the awesome ones without feeling like you're Corel's unpaid beta tester.
So every third version of CorelDraw – 3, 6, 9 and 12 – was a groundbreaking upgrade, and the other versions… not so much. Does the 15th iteration, CorelDraw X5, match up to our expectations.Yes – and more. This is a home-run-and-the-crowd-goes-wild release that every CorelDraw user will want.Corel is shouting about: out-of-the-box 64-bit Windows 7 support alongside the 32-bit support for Windows 7, Vista and XP; true multicore support to put the latest and greatest CPUs to the best use; an all-new colour management system that matches anything Adobe can bring to the table; plus Corel Connect, which looks and works much like a simplified version of Adobe Bridge and is designed to give you a document-focused workflow.

What Connect lacks in Bridge-like scriptability, it partially makes up for by being available as a standalone app, or as a docker in CorelDraw and Photo-Paint – we ended up ditching Bridge because it took up too much screen space. Corel Connect might just make us think again.
So, those are the triple-A features that you'll find plastered all over if you pay it a visit, and indeed the new colour system is a huge improvement: profiles are loaded and saved uniformly, mismatches are clearly flagged, you can soft proof from a docker, and there's no better way to show all that off than by playing around with the freshly added support for Pantone's Goe colours.
But even though these new features are great to have, they just scratch the surface. If you already push the software to its limits, it's the day-to-day changes that will impact you the most. And, boy, is X5 chock to the gills with them.There are new image sprayers, new photo effects, smarter tooltips, more brushes, a fresh selection of graphics freebies (Helvetica, Garamond and Futura, anyone?), a redesigned object docker, and a new pixel preview mode in Draw that finally brings it up to speed with Adobe Illustrator 9.

In short, while the new features will hook you in, you'll be discovering and enjoying the hundreds of small improvements for months to come. At the very least, download the free trial – you get to try the full feature set for 30 days, and we think you'll wish, like us, that every CorelDraw release was this good.

You can start CorelDraw from an expanded set of ready-made templates or from a blank page. Even the latter shows off new features, because you can set the colour mode to RGB or CMYK and select ICC profiles. Yes, Corel now fully supports industry standard colour management. Even though it’s something most users will never think about, this is an important step for a product on the border between enthusiast and commercial use, helping to ensure colours come out the way you and your client intended. An improved colour palette also helps you easily keep track of the precise colours you've used so far.

Such behind-the-scenes enhancements are this version’s focus. Instead of obvious changes, like X4’s revamped user interface, there are subtle improvements. The Mesh Fill tool now makes it easier to create complex colour gradients that look rich and seamless, and the ability to set the transparency of each node allows for subtle but precise effects. Tweaks to the curve tools, including more options and an alternative B-Spline drawing method, will interest illustrators, although they may not sway those who are adept with Adobe’s more elegant tools. Like Adobe, Corel now supports rounded corners which preserve their proportions when objects are resized – an overdue but very welcome addition.

Photo-Paint has a few new colour filters, plus an Object Docker that gives clearer access to layers, objects and groups. That’s about it, although, like CorelDraw, it now supports more file formats, including native Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator documents. Files can be ‘packaged’ to bundle fonts and placed images with the vector file, and output to web formats is more flexible. The large collection of bog-standard fonts is now accompanied by a small set of pro-quality typefaces.

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