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Briefing:Free Download SpeedyPC Pro Full Crack Serial Key Free DownloadSpeedyPC Pro comes with a comprehensive set pc optimizer tool needed to fix common issues that are known to cause overall computer performance decrease. The program gives you the ability to clean and optimize the Windows registry, find and cleanup junk files, locate and get rid of malware processes as well as eliminate confidential information contained in privacy files on your computer. By allowing you manage your computer resources more effectively SpeedyPC Pro is able to speedup PC boot-up times, boost programs and applications response, and eliminate freeze-ups plus much more.Installing SpeedyPC Pro is quick. A setup wizard guides you through the installation and initial configuration process. The default installation setting is most likely adequate for most users – however, you can customize your own installation using the custom installation

After an initial system scan, SpeedyPC Pro displays a full report of all identified problems potentially affecting the overall speed and performance of your computer. Next to each listed item is an “Edit” link that allows you to review and select items to be fixed. Clicking the “Fix All” button allows you to automatically repair all selected problems.
To get the best performance boost using SpeedyPC Pro, you need to take advantage of all its inbuilt PC optimisation tools. This requires getting beyond just the initial “Scan and Fix All”. These tools are accessible by clicking on the “Tools” tab on the program dashboard - and comprise of the following:
Process Manager: This tool gives you the ability to review all the processes that are running on your system. Too many processes running in the background at any time is a huge drain on the system resources – resulting in noticeable decrease in programs and applications response times (PC speed). Terminating Unnecessary processes running in the background speeds up your computer considerably.
To help you with the decision on which processes to terminate to improve performance, the process manager categorizes all active running processes into 5 types:
  • Operating system processes
  • Processes that are run by programs and applications installed by you
  • Others – those processes that SpeedyPC Pro have not been able to determine their installation source
  • Unwanted processes -  although legitimate but they do not need to run all the time
  • Malware processes
The process manager screen includes a “performance” tab that lets you see how your system is doing terms of CPU, Memory and PageFile usage.
A key aspect of the process manager is the ability to analyse any running process to determine its overall impact on PC performance. When used to its fullest potential, you can terminate those processes that have the greatest negative impact on PC speed. Free Download SpeedyPC Pro Full Crack Serial Key Free Download
For the less tech savvy user, the tool comes with the ability to auto-optimize running processes for you.
Startup Manager: When your system takes too long to startup, it is most likely the result of too many programs and applications trying to load during the computer startup process. The startup manager tool in SpeedyPC Pro lets you limit the number of items that load at startup - by disabling unwanted programs and applications.
Defrag Tool: This tool allows you to defrag your disk to improve overall speed and response time of your computer. The tool first performs an analysis of your chosen disk volume. Once the need for a disk defragmentation is determined during analysis, the tool prompts you to perform a defrag.
BHO Manager: This tool allows you to view and manage all internet browser add-ons installed on your computer. While some BHOs provide useful additional functionality to the Microsoft Internet Explorer, some forms of malware have also been created as a BHO. Disabling unwanted browser helper objects can be beneficial to overall system performance and stability. Free Download SpeedyPC Pro Full Crack Serial Key Free
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